One small step for live oaks…

Evergreen old alley panorama #5

Quarters alley, Evergreen Plantation, Edgard, LA

Dear blog friends,
I’ve been off the page for a while. Busy, of course, photographing oaks mostly, exploring the Bayou Lafourche area around our home outside of Thibodaux and along the Mississippi River Road plantation country, between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Laura front view 2

Three oaks, Laura Plantation, Vacherie, LA

This blog entry will feature a few of the photos I’ve made from those excursions, but mainly I wanted to make an announcement. I was just awarded a grant last Friday from the Lafourche Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau to create a self-guided driving tour of the historic live oak trees along Bayou Lafourche. The project will consist primarily of:
1) creating way-marker signs near the two major highways flanking the bayou that will contain numbers and a tour logo;
2) photographing the trees, and,
3) writing text for a Live Oak Tour brochure and website about the history of the oaks and their location in relation to the history and settlement of Lafourche Parish.
The self-guided tour will enable visitors to explore the area and learn of its history through the location of its historic oaks.

Two oaks entry road study 6 copy

Two oaks, entrance road, Rienzi Plantation, Thibodaux, LA

I’ll be posting photos and text here on my blog, as well as on the Lafourche Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) blog, and a special CVB website throughout the duration of the project.

Felicity study 1_pano

Felicity Plantation oak and main house, Vacherie, LA

My goal is to install 50 way-marker signs and all of the related content within the next 9 to 12 months.  Phase two (in 2017) of this project will be to launch an annual symposium in Thibodaux on live oak care and conservation — to bring all of the best scientific minds together to share information on how to keep live oaks healthy longer.

I’m very excited about this project and feel it could be one small step for the future of live oak conservation in Lafourche Parish, and one large step for live oak conservation across the state.





4 thoughts on “One small step for live oaks…

  1. I love what you are doing in photographing the live oak trees. i am also fascinated by their history, and the many ways I connect to their growth. They serve as visual references for my sculptures. I have been inspired by their textural surfaces, and their gracefully sprawling branches. The Live Oaks hold many secrets to their long years of existence here in Florida. This mystery adds content to my carved wood pieces.

  2. I will be buying one of your Audubon Park photographs as a wedding gift, and am so delighted by your photographs. You are finding the essence or souls of these wonderful trees, more than the other artists I’ve found. Your love shines through into your work. It’s like losing a loved one when one of these trees goes – I felt that way about the Wye Oak in Maryland was gone. Your work to catalog and protect the live oaks is quite wonderful!

    • Nancy, thanks for the kind words about my work with the oaks. You will find a much wider selection of images of Audubon on my website – – and I have several more images of Audubon I can show you when you’re ready to purchase your wedding gift. Many blessings, WG

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