New Book on Louisiana Live Oaks

Dear 100 Oaks Project reader,  I’ve been compiling photographs and stories from the past 30-plus years about Louisiana live oaks for a new print book that is now available to purchase – Quercus Louisiana – The Splendid Live Oaks of Louisiana – is a 112 page, hard-cover book that focuses on Louisiana’s historic and notable live oak trees.

Book Cover - main image copy

The title comes from a quote by the Live Oak Society’s founder, Dr. Edwin Lewis Stephens, when he wrote in a 1934 magazine article that, “the world does not realize what a splendid possession it holds in this tree… though it got a wrong start in being named Quercus virginiana. Virginia is a fine state, but I don’t believe she has ever had much to show in the way of live oaks.”

This book shows, through photos and text, the magic and mystery of Louisiana’s old live oaks. And it shares some of the human stories connected with the trees – anecdotes and accounts of the generations of hopeful souls who settled and built their homes near the oaks’ sheltering limbs.

To learn more or to order a copy, visit the book’s website at